Save 30-50% on your rental contracts and service agreements, without spending a dime.


We audit and uncover the true value of a rental contract or service agreement so that both our client, and their vendor, arrive at a fair and balanced price for their services.

UNI Cost Management is the critical eye that ensures your spend reflects the value of the service that is being delivered.

We are the expert who identify inconsistencies, redundancies, and mark-ups in your rental contracts and service agreements, prioritizing the protection of your bottom line.

Where can we save you money?


Uniform Rental and Laundry

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We work with everyone from automotive to food services. If you’re laundering or consistently replacing employee uniforms, we can save you big bucks.

Save money on uniforms rentals and laundry »

Merchant Card Services

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Credit and debit card processing is often referred to as merchant services, but many business owners will agree the industry seems to offer them very little value.

Minimize point of sale transaction costs »

Waste Management Services


Does your office create waste? If so, you’re overpaying to have it disposed of. You can save money while still make environmentally responsible choices.

Reduce costs on waste management »

Telecommunications Plans

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Studies have shown that over 80% of telecommunications bills contain errors. That doesn’t take into account those who are paying for redundant products or services.

Decrease our phone and internet bills »

Print Management Contracts

Through our print reduction, print migration, and workflow digitization techniques, we are continually finding ways to reduce our clients' costs and environmental footprint.

Save money and trees »

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Courier and Shipping Contracts

Reduce costs and maintain control by comparing rates and services side-by-side with ease.

Save money on your shipping costs »

uni cost management

We have over two decades of experience in contract negotiation, saving clients millions of dollars in unnecessary costs.


“We understand that money does not grow on trees. We believe that your revenue should be respected, as opposed to being drained out of your company through complex contracts and unnecessary mark-ups.

— Antony Bennett, President

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If we don’t save you money, we don’t make money. It’s really that simple.