Telecommunication Contracts

Our consultants audit your landline, long distance, toll-free, fax, Internet and wireless services to identify cost savings, increase efficiency and recover billing errors. We provide you with a full inventory of your hardware needs, current usage, and services.

Our risk-free recommendations ensure you receive the best services at the lowest price. We continue to monitor your usage volume so we ensure that the agreements within the contract are being honoured, and over-billing does not occur again.

For phone and internet services we identify the latest plans, rates and options from all providers, and consolidate invoicing to streamline administration. Our reports summarize your fixed and variable service costs and charges, while identifying billing errors and potential refunds. Analysis of traffic studies allow us to offer recommendations tailored to your specific usage needs. Don’t know what that means? That’s okay, that’s our job.

Let’s get your phone and internet bill dialled into your actual usage.

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